How to Wear Stripes for Summer... and not look Fat!

Saturday, June 23, 2012 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Many of you would certainly agree with me that horizontal stripes would often make one seem larger  and definitely does not do any justice to the waistline or hips.

Just the other day, I was casually strolling through the shops whilst searching for  birthday presents for my son's godsisters whose all three birthdays happen to be in June. Any excuse to shop right? Anyway, little did I think I would find something for myself at COTTON ON. Honestly I have actually stop heading to that store sometime back 'cos everytime I find something nice and put it on, I find myself either in a lift or within the same breathing space  or across the street from someone else either in the same top/ bottom/ outfit! And although we do style our outfits differently but admit it ladies, no one wants to be seen in the same outfit EVER especially within a certain radius of each other.

Me in my Cotton On Broad Stripe pencil skirt
& Black Cotton Jersey Peplum Top

Same goes for Uniqlo!  I guess that is what one would call "mass market clothing", if I can be so honest to say. Casual, reasonably priced, comfortable but lacking personal identity. You don't know how many Cotton On and Uniqlo outfits I have barely worn once or twice and banished them to the Salvation Army, Ebay or worn them for knocking around at home or even walking the dog.

So surprise, surprise when I picked out  this mix and match outfit recently at Cotton On. Paired the black peplum top and large striped pencil skirt with my platform black slingbacks and added an animal print skinny belt to accentuate the waistline and I got myself a trendy and cool outfit for the day !

Given I am a pretty large girl UK 12/ US 8, I seriously surprised myself to find that I could look slim in this combination! ( A big thank you to all my Facebook Friends for your sweet comments and encouragement to believe I could be a UK 8 / US 4 again... well ... at least I could "look" like it even if I can't achieve the actual dress size).

So here are a few tips for you  slightly larger ladies out that to style Stripes for Summer :

1) Keep It Simple
   For normal human beings, best if you can wear a stripe item with a block colour
   matching  item e.g stripe top with jeans or  plain capris. Or in my case ( as seen above)
   with a block colour peplum top with a  stripe skirt.

Pippa Middleton matching her stripe skirt with a block coloured Jacket & Top.

2) Keep Silhouette Clean
    I realise that if the silhouette of the outfit is wider e.g A-line, skater dress styles it
    naturally  adds to the volume of the stripes and therefore creates a wider
    hip/ heavier bottom effect. A tighter and cleaner  fit of the stripe item
   would help to accentuate the curviness of the body.
Only petite girls or those with great bodies are able to carry off this look like Cameron Diaz in a Skater Style Stripe Dress.
Foster Bay's Boat Neck Stripe Sheath Dress with a clean silhouette.
3) Layering
    Slimmer girls can easily carry off full striped outfits, however for the regular bodies
    out there, try and break  up the  stripes with a vest or a  jacket over.

Kim K layering her stripe maxi dress

4) Width of Stripes
    Often, larger and broader spaced stripes tend create the illusion of fullness on the
    body part it's worn on e.g fuller top or heavier bottom. Thinner stripes that are
   closely space causes the eye to span over more quickly and therefore makes the
   wearer look slimmer. However although this is a more widely adopted rule of
   thumb for wearing stripes, I found with my recent buy as seen above, that one could
   still experiment with larger / broader stripes if the style of outfit is chosen carefully.
   Slim cut, narrow fit etc...

5) Play with Patterns
    If you are truly worried and convinced that horizontal  stripes is just not your cup
   of tea, try incorporating this trend  in diagonal fashion which is certainly flattering.
   Just don't ever wear stripes on stripes if you wish not to look like an animal e.g stripe
   jacket over stripe dress.  Instead, do try mixing print on print with small polka dots for
   that trendy edge.

ASOS faux 2 pc Stripe & Polka Dot Dress.

5) Fun with Accessories
    Another fun way to wear this summer trend, is to play with accessories. Pair
   stripe bags with plain outfits for that extra oomph. Or pair your outfit with
   stripe bangles , earrings , hat, sunglasses or belt for that nautical feel.

So ladies, go have fun, break out of your comfort zone and trend with stripes this Summer. Do share with me pics or your tips  of how you think you can rock the Stripe trend. We certainly can benefit from learning from each other. Stripe on!!

Love, Simone

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