Looking for a nice " homestay " for Cookie.

Friday, June 15, 2012 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

"Cookie" ... [sigh]...those of you who know me and are close to me would know by now that she is like my first born child. I smother her to death on a daily basis ( my helper once mentioned I love her more than my own son! horrible mom!) and she can do no wrong in my eyes. But now it's that time of the year again where we need to head back to USA to visit my in-laws and this is my greatest worry whenever we have to make this trip.

Previously Grandma and her helper would kindly and gladly take her in and shower her with the same love, care and homestay environment which she is used to. However this time grandma has been taken ill at 91 yrs of age and can no longer help me out. Therefore I have started searching online for a suitable alternative option......damn stress...giving myself some leeway of time to find the best fit.

Fine line between what is affordable and what is worth it! From my numerous enquiries, I had received varying quotes ranging from S$ 30 - S$ 60  but none ideal enough to be immediately chosen or narrowed down as " Yes this is it!". Whilst either the environment and/or the package seems and sounds great, but the price obviously is just too much to burden for 2 weeks let alone a possible one month consideration.

On the other hand cheaper options averaging between S$ 30 - S$ 35 would be a kennel style boarding of which I am sure, the Cookie which I have trained and disciplined so well may return to be like a " rebellious" teenager who had picked up all the bad habits outside. And I certainly don't even want to think about that possibility happening....After all, she has had " celebrity" status somewhat during her hey days so confining her to cages and kennels would be so " hard a fit" for the prima donna she already is !
Honestly when boarders quote ;" 2 walks a day, lots of love etc...." I am still sceptical if that really happens or they just leave the dogs to run around with each other all day and perhaps just take them out once a day for barely 5 mins to do their business. I know it can be so tiring to walk the dog and plan it within my daily schedule for a once a day, let alone twice a day hence my initial scepticism ( Sorry dog boarders, don't mean to be a B*TCH).  Of course reducing the diet would mean " Oh, we exercised your dog so much that it did not put on weight. Look how healthy she is?".... so who is to know what goes on? Online blogs and email updates are promised with the package but those can just be " posed" situations for the owner.

So to all dog lovers out there.... if you can recommend me that perfect boarding option... do drop me a quick line at simone@fosterbay.com or post a comment so that I can benefit from your experience!

To Cookie... hang in there sweetie.. mummy's doing her very best to find a good homestay for you!

Paws & Kisses,

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