Where do I begin?...The Mullet Skirt

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

"Where do I begin? What do I write about?".....I was at a total loss of what to do when I first decided to start my own blog after setting up Foster Bay with my lovely partner, Joey. " Have I missed the boat?" " What would people want to know and read about since most topics have already been covered by veteran and celebrity bloggers?" Urgh....

Just what do I want to say and what direction do I wish to take this? Of course personal privacy was in question too, but yet again if you wanna speak from your heart, then one has to be honest in one's blogging and opinions right?

So I started asking around and with various ideas thrown at me from friends, acquaintances and some ( they don't know it but I would potentially consider them close to being) enemies, I finally decided to keep my blog to what i know best. Me, myself and perhaps a lil fashion!! So here goes... my maiden blog.

I will start with something pretty safe to see where this blog takes me - Fashion Trends. Since setting up Foster Bay, I have been more intuned with the seasonal trends rather than just being aware of trends that I personally would follow or that would look good on me. Therefore,  I have been battling to try on this Spring/ Summer 2012 Top Fashion Skirt Trend - The Mullet Skirt. Short in the front and longer at the back, a mixture of mini & midi or mini & maxi skirts.

To be honest when I first saw a celebrity wearing it my initial reaction was :  " my god! looks like the skirt got stuck in the door and she kept on walking and ripped it out!" But then when it started to be featured in many fashion trending sites and magazines, my stand on this skirt started to waiver....

Even high street fashion stores started stocking this trend! Next steps.... went out to try and buy one just for " fashion sake". But with my slightly wider waistline ( all thanks to motherhood!) i must admit I looked like a Bak Chang ( Rice Dumpling)! Perhaps a nonya bak chang... heee...heee... with the extra sweet fatty bits ( for sure there are lots to be found in my mid riff section!). And for a 30+ lady trying to look like the young girls on the street of average 25 yrs old... I sure look like I am trying way too hard.

So I starting googling pics of people wearing mullet skirts and trying to find a style  to wear it that would suit my age and certainly my varicose popping legs... and I realised that you could pair it with jackets and classic tops with slightly longer frontal hemline and ending with a maxi skirt at the back which may not be too bad an option and it does help to hide those flaws that greatly concern me. For sure it's easier to dress a trending style that suits one's body shape bearing in mind those problem areas, than go for plastic surgery ( although I have been thinking about it alot lately if it's about time I started going for lil nips and tucks!)

How one tries to pair and wear this trendy skirt is the ALL IMPORTANTE bit. Tops are best kept to a tighter fit, with a cleaner silhouette than a slouchy oversized shirt/ cardigan. Also best paired with wedges, gladiator sandals or booties but certainly flip flops and thongs are a " no no". Just wrong....

So, my ending note to this maiden blog is : " Tell me what you think of the mullet skirt and if you believe it is a trend to keep or lose?"

I have still yet to fully buy into this trend and if you can provide me a recommendation on how best for slightly larger women ( UK 12/ US 8 & above) to wear this style, I will be giving out this unique silver Elephant Ring holder  to the best reply.

So I hope to hear from you guys soon with your suggestions. And guys.... you are not left out of this blog, your thoughts please if you think it's a style you would like to see on a girl or not?

Thanks for reading and see ya soon!

Love, Simone

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