Ways To Style A Maxi Skirt

Top : Cotton On ( get it here) // Jacket : H&M ( similar here & here)
Bag: Chanel ( get it here & here) // Skirt : H&M ( similar here & here)
Shoes : SaksFifthAvenue ( similar here) // Ring : Lovisa ( similar here & here)
Earrings : Etsy ( get it here) // Belt : ASOS ( similar here)

Hi everyone,

I recently came across a picture from Carolina Herrera's Fall 2019 collection and immediately thought to myself - " I have a similar looking skirt in my wardrobe". So off I went pulling this skirt out which I had featured before on my post in one of my previous looks ( see post here), and decided to work on styling this skirt 4 ways starting off with the look inspired by Carolina Herrera.

Photo courtesy of :Vogue.com

I styled my skirt in 4 different ways and released an IGTV video on Instagram where some of you had commented that you had liked this particular look, whilst others were intrigued in how I mixed and match the skirt with existing pieces from my wardrobe to create different looks for different occasions. You can check out the video below.

Please click on this link if you are unable to view the video above : 

I think in this day and age, with us fashionistas being more conscious of how we shop and how we can help to sustain fashion, therefore, trying to mix and match items from your current wardrobe and recycling looks is most certainly a refreshing way to add life to old pieces and also to be creative in our styling options.

I hope you enjoy the video as well as this designer inspired  look for Fall 2019 and do let me know which look is your favourite from the video.

Simone xoxo

Ghospell Reading

Top : Ghospell // Bottom : J. Crew // Bag : Miuccia Studio // Ring : Lovisa 
Earrings : own, vintage // Watch : own, Dad's.

Hi everyone,

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have realised that Cookie my 14.5yr old Furbaby had given up her fight with cancer and passed away, a week ago today and hence I had taken some time off from blogging and social media,  seeing she needed lots of my time and attention over the last few weeks as she counted down her days.

The good thing was that I was able to have her home with me and when she took her last breath naturally, I was holding her in my arms. The most beautiful and peaceful way for her to go and for me to have full closure.

Thank you for your comments and support on IG of which every kind word meant so much to me.

Back to this look, this was a casual look shot recently in one of the backstreets around my residential area. It is such a beautiful area where the old meets new and I love how the rustic backstreets sometimes create that perfect mood and backdrop to showcase a modern outfit.

This top by Ghospel, a UK label, has a similar print to traditional batik that one can find in Asia. And I like how a traditional print has been uplifted by a modern design of a top. Cool and comfortable I paired this look with casual jeans, a statement rattan bag and glitter wedges. Exuding the retro feel, I took some of mom's old clip on earrings to complete the look and the watch was Dad's which I thought was a perfect fit to the outfit.

I hope you like this look and here's a few pictures of Cookie photobombing me whilst I was doing my  blogging shots through the years.

25 MAY 2005 - 27 AUGUST 2019

I will most certainly miss her so very very much!

Simone xoxo

Retro Summer :: Scarf, Sea and Sand

Hi everyone.

Since returning from my recent summer holiday in Florida, unfortunately Cookie who is my 14.5 yr old Cocker Spaniel has been taken ill with seizures and partial loss of vision. We knew this was coming as she was getting on in years and struggling to walk with the onset of arthritis before we left. However this really took lots out of me as she is my first " baby" and to see her struggle like this is so painful and heartbreaking. Hence I had to reprioritise my life and decided to take a little time off all social media to focus on nursing her back to her stronger self.

Her seizures are less frequent though still happening at least 5 - 6 times in a day and which sees her  falling over whenever it attacks. Thank god she is only experiencing focal seizures where she loses her balance and coordination with her hind legs but its sad to suddenly see her just fall over unexpectedly. Often, she also surprises herself and looks at me wondering " what the hell is going on mom?" Now about a month since we got back, and the onset of these new conditions, she is coping with it and compensating lots when she feels it coming on and trying her hardest to stabilise herself before she falls. But the poor girl is just getting old.

Anyway, in this post I would like to share with you my continued styling of headscarfs this summer, particularly for the beach. If you had not already noticed, recently I have started to style my looks in more retro / vintage feel and so this trip out to Florida was no different. Taking a regular full button down cotton dress and styling it with a headscarf, oversize sunnies and high waisted bikini - I felt like Bridgette Bardot!!

I guess with my short hairstyle, it is kinda difficult to play around with changes to my hairdo to create different styles, hence accessories such as a scarf especially when out on trips is perfect to maximise one's wardrobe whilst travelling. Bring a few essentials and play around with it. This scarf is even large enough to be worn as a pareo for the beach after the swim. Or if you are adventurous enough to wear it as a top over denim shorts for holidays is yet another way to maximise one's wardrobe whilst on the road.

I was not quite ready to do a full on swimwear shoot seeing I had just eaten way too much on this trip, but a nice coverup with a full button down dress, leather slides and statement bag still makes one look quite stylish on the beach. High waisted bikinis is my IN thing this summer too and this @aguaclara piece is divine for the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this look and do let me know if you are into headscarfs this summer too.

Simone xoxo

Heads Up :: Utility Skirt & Head Scarf for Summer 2019

Top : Louis London ( similar here)
Skirt : Nordstrom Signature Collection ( get it here)
Bangle : old ( similar here & here)
Mules : Cotton On ( similar here)
Tote : H&M ( get it here)
Headscarf : H&M ( similar here & here)
Sunglasses : Diane Von Furstenberg & Cotton On ( get it here & here)
Earrings : Lovisa ( get it here)

Hello everyone from what is now Sunny Florida ( which was not the case when we first arrived a week and a half ago).

I could not get out of the house to take any pictures when we first arrived for at least 5 days and it was such a damper on our holiday plans. Nonetheless, spending time indoors was nice too to catch up on much needed rest especially without the doggies with me and also after travelling over 2 days and flying basically round the world from Singapore to UK to Florida.

Of course, the first opportunity we got to go out - I headed to the shops for much needed retail therapy. I always love shopping in the states especially at Nordstrom and Saks. This time we headed to the outlets in the hope of great bargains at Saks Off 5th and Nordstrom Rackj, and it was fantastic. At least for my husband, who can hardly shop in Asia due to the asian cut and sizing, he always shops like crazy when we return to USA as the clothes fit him much better here. I of course got some great bargains which I will showcase to you in the following posts.

In the meantime, this Summer 2019, I wanted to highlight trending summer head scarfs as a great summer accessory aside from the usual hats as thanks to my dear friend Angella back in Singapore who hails from Venezuela, she has been trending lots of bandana and headscarfs and after spending an afternoon with her learning the different ways of tying head scarfs, I wanted to start trending them whilst on holiday. Never knew how I would look trending headscarfs but I am certainly liking them a lot these days.

I had this scarf from H&M for awhile and usually use it to accessorise my bags but this time I decided to tie a simple knot style as a head scarf and kinda enjoyed the fact that now without my long hair I can finally have some change to my look aside from styling my fringe up or down which was getting boring for me.

I love the colour combination of Olive and Black and so this utility style skirt from Nordstrom Signature collection was the perfect summer outfit to pair with my rather huge circular straw H&M tote - totally exuding the typical holiday vacation feel and look.

I will be showcasing more of head scarf wearing in my next few posts in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this look!!

Simone xoxo