Liquorice Candy

When I was putting this outfit together for this blog post - what came to mind immediately was Liquorice candy. The layered colours on my top matched the picture above of liquorice candy and just totally struck me of something sweet, gummy and certainly yummy!

This beautiful satin strapped silk top is perfect for summer, easy to mix and match and I wanted to bring out the pink in the whole outfit. Hence, finding this beautiful shophouse backdrop in the same shade of pink was beyond my delight and it was just a stone's throw away from the school I work at. These beautiful conservation houses -  very reminiscent of my peranakan heritage, was the perfect location shot. I am sure you would have seen similar style backdrops in my previous posts highlighting such conservation houses, which you can check them out here and here.

Kept this look trendy yet simple, a style that can easily take you from day brunches to shopping to evening dinners. A small crossbody bag finished off the look and I must add that this beautiful pair of earrings from Halo Halo Baby rose again to complete the look. You can check out more outfit posts trending this pair of earrings herehere & here.

Enjoy the rest of your week ahead!

Simone xoxo

Summer 2018 Most Stylish Dress Styles for under US$ 30

Summer is most certainly the time where we get to style those sexy bodycon dresses perfect for summer parties, brunches and even dinners. Let's also not forget that our bodies would have been looking great and toned from all those outdoor fun and tanning.So why waste the chance to show it all off !

I particularly love to wear dresses during summer however struggle to find the right style and especially at the right budget. So what luck to chance about Fashionme where one can find summer 2018's latest trends at the most affordable prices. You definitely will wow your guests and friends with these numbers.

If bodycon dresses are not your thing, long sleeve maxi dresses are also a big hit this summer 2018. There are so many chic styles to choose from and this slightly retro / vintage style certainly keeps things elegant yet casual. Here are some of my favourite styles :

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Don't forget that Fashionme is now offering 10% off for your first order and free shipping for orders above US$59.

Have fun shopping and do let me know which is your favourite style in the comments below.

Simone xoxo


With summer at it's peak, I am certainly preferring to wear dresses to pants. Somehow everything seems to be able to " breathe" better.

With the luxury of living just a 5min walk to the beach with beachfront restaurants/ cafes and eateries around the corner, a casual weekend drink is a must to destress.

Here this lightweight cotton, batik style print dress was the perfect sunday outfit to cool off in for an evening drink. Casual setting, I paired this dress with a pretty pair of sandals and mesh bag for that beachfront holiday feel.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and wrapping up July with a bang!

Dress : Cotton On ( sold out, similar here & here)
Bag & Shoes : Shein ( get it here & here)
Earrings : Robinsons ( sold out, similar here)

Simone xoxo

Poppy of Remembrance ( In Memory of my Father)

A difficult post to write today. I was off social media for over a month now as my dad was taken ill in early June 2018 and from then on it was a difficult time for the family. Up until he left us on 3 July 2018.

The reason why I decided to do this outfit post - because this particular outfit had a special connection to dad's final journey. I wore this outfit for his funeral send off and more so, how I came about to purchase this.

After 2 weeks in hospital, Dad had badly wanted to go home although it was against hospital advise to do so. We knew he was not physically fit and ready but I could sense his strong desire to be back in his own home. So, I did what my heart told me to do and signed off the papers to have him discharged that day. However as he was weak and could not support himself to walk - the quickest preparation I had done was to dash off to the nearest Salvation Army and got him a walker as well as a wheelchair for this trip back home.

Having to wade through the clothing section to reach the back where the medical equipments are - I chanced upon this lovely black dress from Emporio Armani and it called out to me. Fit me to the T. And so with all the stuff I got in Salvation Army for Dad, this dress was a little pick me up for that day.

Little did I realise Dad had it all planned out that I would find this great bargain for $10, as it was this same dress I chose to wear on the day of the funeral. Indeed the Salvation Army had me prepared up to the end.

For those of you familiar with the poppy flowers being used as remembrance for War Veterans, hence this dress was so poignant in its message for me to remember my Dad with it's poppy motif on the sleeves.

I do miss him so much and dearly but glad that I had put my life on hold just to be with him over those last few weeks he was with us.

If you can feel my loss and pain, may I just ask of you to light a candle and offer it up for my Dad Henry. Send him a little prayer along the way and I thank you for being there for me during this extremely difficult time.

Simone xoxo

Dress : Emporio Armani
Bag : Zara ( get it here)
Earrings : Sugarfix by Baublebar
Heels : Saks 5th Ave
Ring: old

Earth Mama Tea :: Exploring The World Of Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Earth Mama Tea: Exploring The World Of Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Tea, whether green tea, black tea, oolong, white, or other varieties, is a healthy drink. Many women ask the question of whether or not it is safe to drink tea, such as green tea, during pregnancy. The main matter of concern is the caffeine content of tea, as there is some evidence that high doses of caffeine can be

l  Is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy?

Yes, but in moderation. The answer to this question is essentially the same as for the general population. For most people, caffeine is safe, but only in moderation.

l  How much tea or caffeine is safe for a pregnant woman to drink?

It is stated that it is completely safe for pregnant women to consume less than 200 milligrams (mg) of caffeine daily. Although the caffeine content of tea varies widely, the amount in a single 8 ounce cup of tea is almost always under under 75mg, usually under 60mg, with most teas somewhere in the 30-40mg / cup range. Coffee, by contrast, contains much more caffeine. It is thus totally safe for a pregnant woman to drink a few cups of tea a day. The studies on higher doses of caffeine are conflicting and unclear; although there is some evidence that higher doses of caffeine increase the risk of miscarriage, there is still a lot of uncertainty to these results, and there are several studies which found no effect.

It also must be emphasized that there is not really that large a difference between the guidelines for caffeine intake for pregnant women and those for the population as a whole. The Mayo Clinic's recommendation for safe caffeine intake is up to 300mg daily, and emphasized that even in non-pregnant adults, amounts of caffeine greater than 500mg daily can be associated with a number of health problems.

l  Drinking herbal teas (Earth Mama tea) during pregnancy:

Since herbal teas encompass any hot water infusion made from any plant other than the tea plant, it's hard to generalize about the safety of herbal teas during pregnancy. Since some herbs can act as potent medicines, it is best to consult a professional herbalist or other healthcare professional before consuming a potent medicinal herb, or any herbal tea in high doses. Just like with anything, moderation is the key.

There are some herbs which are thought to be beneficial during pregnancy. One such herb is red raspberry leaf, which is used extensively in traditional medicine in association with pregnancy. Some herbalists have recommended ginger to treat morning sickness, as ginger can be effective at treating nausea.

l  Don't worry and don't think too much:

Stress always has a negative impact on the body, and with all the messages in the media and other information sources about what a woman should or should not do during pregnancy, it's easy for pregnant women to become stressed out by worrying too much about what they should or shouldn't be eating or drinking.

As with a lot of things in life, it's best to not think too hard about it, and to use moderation and common sense. Practice moderation and stop thinking about your diet: listen to your body and stay relaxed.

Simone xoxo

( Above guest post is by Check Pregnancy