Spread The Love :: Red Ruffle Dress + Upcycle Clutch Bag

Dress : The Editor's Market ( sold out) ( similar here, here & here)
Shoes : The Tui Collection ( ON SALE )
Clutch : Heritage Refashioned ( get it here)
Bangle : APM Monaco ( similar here & here)
Necklace & Ring : Taka Jewellery ( available instore)
Earrings : Lovisa ( get it here)

Hello everyone,

I know I don't usually post during the week but seeing that Friday is Valentine's Day and many of you may still be wondering what to wear or needing some inspirations, here is one more to add to your list trending some gift ideas for you guys to gift your beloved.

Red is the colour of luck to the Chinese but also the colour of love. So this Valentine's Day, I have pulled out something from my current closet ( no special shopping in line with keeping fashion sustainable). If Kate Middleton can recycle her outfits in the public eye, why not me?

This ruffle trim strapless dress is perfect for date night. Of course with a gift of " bling" it always helps to pump up the volume to the dress ( hint... hint...) and I especially love this bracelet from APM Monaco. Their pieces are unique in design and certainly very pretty to style any evening wear with.

I am sure you guys would realise by now my love for shoes from The Tui Collection. In all honesty, when I purchased my first pair, the leather was still stiff and so had cut me round the ankle but after the second wear and the leather softens and moulds to one's foot, it is the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. Therefore my love for this brand certainly grew and grew.

Likewise, you would have noticed me styling this vintage upcycled clutch on my Instagram feed several times and rightfully so, because this clutch is so versatile and with a long strap that could be attached, it allows one to wear it up or down with any outfit. I chose to pair this dress with this clutch for its geometric pattern and the accent of the red on the bag. The kiss lock with it's " diamond" clasp adds that touch of elegance to the bag. You will certainly see me style more outfits with this bag.

Being Valentine's Day, I would like to showcase some diamond jewellery pieces not only for styling one's evening outfits but also again... a gentle hint to our love ones for pressies ideas!! This contemporary styled pendant in mixed coloured diamonds keeps the look fluid with it's soft linear design and the leaf shaped ring adds a little texture too. These pieces are from Taka Jewellery here in Singapore but I am sure you can find similar styles in other jewellery shops online or around the world. If you are based in Singapore, do pay them a visit for their latest collection of contemporary styled rings and pendants.

I hope you enjoyed this look and do share with me how you will be spending Valentine's Day.

Simone xoxo

Blooming Tales :: Tropical Off Shoulder Top + Double Buckle Leather Belt

Top : H&M ( sold out) ( similar here & here)
Skirt : old, ZARA( similar here & here)
Belt : The Tui Collection ( sold out) ( similar here)
Bag : Balenciaga 
Earrings : Shein ( get it here)
Shoes : Anothersole ( get it here)
Sunglasses : Kate Spade ( get it here)
Bracelets : old, thrift shop ( similar here & get the look for less)

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe and staying away from crowds. Do not forget to continue to maintain a high standard of hygiene. It is really scary how quickly this coronavirus has been spreading in just a couple of weeks and now many lives have been lost and many more are ill. This has to STOP!! I dread every morning to read / hear the news with numbers escalating of those infected in our region.

I am sure for those of you based in Asia, you would have seen how quickly our supermarket shelves have been emptied of basic essentials such as toilet paper, rice, tin food...all  in an evening as soon as our health alert signals was raised to an Orange level, red being the next tier and the highest alert.  It is amazing how the panic quickly seeps through the fabric of society. So even for many of us who are confident that we will not need to stock up to that extent, yet when one sees this panic behaviour in the shops, it is very difficult not to succumb to the same fear and anxiety. I guess the fear of not knowing is the worse... not knowing how quick this will escalate to, how long it will stay this way and even worse if we are all put in some form of a lockdown situation soon. Nation by nation, the wave of fear rides through.

I vouch to continue to maintain my day as normal as I could, so I did a quick shoot outdoors at the hottest time of the day ( apparently this virus does not thrive in heat) where there is the least human traffic in one of the back alleys of my neighbourhood, so I can continue to bring you some cheer with an outfit post and also to keep myself busy and not queueing for toilet paper too!!! OMG!!!! I was just short of posing with a mask on - seriously!!

The weather has been quite hot these few days, hence a nice, light off shoulder top was the perfect top to style and I decided to pair it with a knee length skirt to allow myself to have some form of flow and breathing " space" rather than in a tight pair of jeans in this heat. However, it is a good option to mix and match this top with jeans for a variation if you so wish.  I love my beautiful leather, vintage style double buckle belt, from what is now my favourite shoe and accessories brand @The Tui Collection ( they do offer free international shipping you know and there are sales going on as we speak...), and hence cinched the blouse at the waist with this gorgeous item and immediately this casual outfit, had a little extra oomph pumped into it.

Keeping the look casual still, I threw on my favourite pair of lightweight travel shoes from @anothersole which has a bouncy inner sole and keeps my feet so comfy all day. Made of pure leather, the shoes are breathable and moulds right to your foot shape so there is no blisters or calluses but pure comfort when I pair it with my outfits. I can run around all day in it, my perfect go-to casual pair of shoes. I love this metallic rose gold number cos it's so versatile a colour to pair with my outfits and somehow if you know me by now, more is more and therefore the metallic shade against a casual outfit does always make it just that little bit different for me. The best part of it all, this socially conscious boutique supports the underprivileged by donating 10% of their sales proceeds to help kids in these developing countries. So you can shop - guilt free, knowing that you are actually helping a good cause with your credit card!! ( Anything to make oneself feel better!) I assure you, that you will certainly not be disappointed with your first pair!

Meanwhile, if you are stuck at home on Leave of Absence, quarantine or purely just being safe... you can still enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home as many of these stores I have highlighted today are hosting their clearance sales before they launch their Spring/ Summer 2020 collections. So till we meet again, stay safe and shop on!!

Simone xoxo

Chinese New Year Outfit Inspirations 2020

Cheongsam : The Cheongsam Shoppe ( similar here & here & here)
Clutch : Heritage Refashioned ( get it here)
Shoes : The Tui Collection ( get it here)
Earrings : vintage ( similar here & here

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.

I have been so busy over the last week with preparations for the New Year. Getting our favourite traditional new year goodies, buying cases of tangerines and of course putting a few outfit inspirations to share with you on how to dress for the Lunar New Year.

Keeping in mind that bright colours are favored, particularly red, yellow and metallics, this year I decided to put together an inspirational outfit video to share with you on how to mix and match items you may already have in your wardrobe to create a whole new look for the Chinese New Year. As always, keeping fashion sustainable, try and create new looks with items you would already have rather than dashing out to purchase a whole new wardrobe for this occasion. I wanted to style these gorgeous vintage clutches with my new year outfits and therefore had put together 3 outfit inspirations trending each clutch bag, of which it can be paired with both modern as well as a traditional Chinese cheongsam. Whichever tinkles your fancy. 

I love this purple based floral print cheongsam that ends slightly below the knee for that more conservative and elegant feel to this traditional style of dress. A modern take on a traditional outfit, this sleeveless number is non-crease and can easily be worn both during this festive period ( 15 days to be exact for the Lunar New Year celebrations) or even after for a dinner. Of course taking it up a notch, I decided to go bolder with this pretty Rainbow Candy metallic heels by The Tui Collection. The heel height is just perfect for the many house visits one needs to do over the New Year period but also detachable pretty bow at the back, elevates this traditional dress to a modern item. Since we are in the bold is more pairings, I went all out with the pairing of this vintage kimono fabric clutch with also a bow detail, therefore tying the whole look together with the bright colours of fuchsia pink and purple.

For those of you not really into Chinese traditional outfits yet either because you live in Asia or would likely be invited to an asian friends' home for celebrations, here are some inspirations of modern outfits you can work with for this festive period. Again as I mentioned, these looks can also take you outside of the Chinese New Year festivities. Let me know which is your favourite then.

Here's wishing all of you a blessed, prosperous and most importantly healthy Year of the Rat. 

Simone xoxo

Tangerine Tango :: Vintage Upcycle Clutch & Wide Leg Pants

Top : old ( similar here & here)
Pants : Love, Bonito (get it here)
Earrings : Just Gayas ( sold out, similar here & here)
Clutch : Heritage Refashioned ( get it here
Shoes : The Tui Collection ( get it here

Hi everyone,

Barely a month after Christmas, we are counting down to the turn of the clock for Chinese New Year 2020. Welcoming the year of the Rat this year, many of you are probably starting to clean out your houses, and exchange your Christmas decorations for good luck symbols and colours of red, orange, yellow and pink throughout your homes.  Be it floral arrangements, kumquat bushes, lanterns and/or hanging ornaments.

Like with all New Year celebrations across all cultures of the world, wearing new garments and adding new items to one's wardrobe is always a part of such festivities. Perfect for Chinese New Year I have styled this beautiful bespoke, upcycled vintage kimono textile clutch from Heritage Refashioned, handmade in Hong Kong with this modern new year outfit trending the colour of tangerines. The Bishamon symbol on this clutch, is inspired by the body armour of a Japanese warrior god and symbolises the protection of wealth. PERFECT!! No better way to say it subtly for the new year than with this clutch.

This simple ensemble makes this a classic look one can take anywhere, anytime. With traditions of visiting friends and relatives over the Chinese New Year, I paired this with a low heeled all leather sandal from The Tui Collection which makes it perfect for running around comfort,  literally door to door especially during the first 2 days of the celebrations. I bought my first pair of Tui Collection heels just a couple of months ago, and now I am so in love with them for their unique style and comfort, I have 5 pairs of The Tui Collection shoes in my closet and still counting... accessories are starting to also pile up from this collection. Check them out now as they are having a sale of up to 70% off till 25 Jan 2020. You will not regret owning a pair of these bespoke, curated sandals/ shoes ... believe me! Whilst you are at it, do also check out their bags and belts and jewellery too.

Keeping it classic and yet stand out from the usual Chinese New Year dresses, do check out Heritage Refashioned for their collection of clutches with some gorgeous pieces going on "Last Piece" sale now. Feel free to share with me which is your favourite clutch from their collection and how you would be spending Chinese New Year with your family.

Simone xoxo

Bow To The New Year :: Kimono Bow Clutch

Top : old ( similar here & here) // Jeans : MNG ( get it here)
Sneakers : Natural World ( get it here)
Clutch : Heritage Refashioned  ( get it here)
Necklace : Tabitha Sg ( find out more)
Ring : Lovisa ( similar here)
Bangle : Hermes ( get it here & here)

Happy New Year everyone and hope 2020 has kicked off to a great start for you.

My 2020 certainly kicked off on a colourful start with a beautiful parcel arriving hand delivered from Hong Kong from Heritage Refashioned (@refashioned). The gift of  3 gorgeous upcycled vintage clutch bags refashioned from vintage kimonos and fabrics is the end product of designer - Vincci Ching who was initially inspired on one of her trips to Tokyo, where she spotted a pile of kimono scraps at the bag of a kimono boutique, that the owner mentioned was to be thrown out though some people do buy them off him to recycle them into other products. Vincci then took several bags of these " scraps" back to Hong Kong playing around with various designs and products, and today the success of her creations are so internationally recognised and coveted, that her beautiful clutches was even included in a recent Golden Globes goodie bag.

Vincci and I had recently connected and once she learned how I was also very much interested in promoting sustainable fashion and being eco-conscious as well as working with vintage / retro items, this was a very pleasant and deeply appreciated surprise to start off my new year.

This being the first of the 3 clutches I wish to showcase to you, I wanted to style this polka dot, bright fuchsia bow clutch in a modern outfit. To bring it very up to date with an outfit that everyone can relate to. A simple white top / blue jeans ensemble that brings out the boldness of the clutch colours as well as the unique and fun, playful design. To tie in the look, I paired it with my gorgeous @tabithasg necklace which is handmade in Cambodia by the local community, and of which the proceeds of these silk necklaces go towards helping the local Cambodians out of poverty. The crafting skills which the locals pick up from the programs run by Tabitha Foundation, helps them to earn an income and therefore provide them food, education and where their general health and well being is significantly improved. I must say I am so in love with these necklaces that I have a collection of them now.

Giving back to society, helping to keep fashion sustainable and reducing fashion's carbon footprint to save the earth is the vision of many in the fashion industry for 2020. You may wish to check out more of Vincci's other products and design at their website ( click here) where you can find other smaller accessories like card holders, cufflinks, silk hair ties, travel bag, coin purses..... and the list just goes on. I am certainly in love with how she has very much made vintage " new" and modern again!

Do leave me a comment below on how you would be contributing to keep fashion sustainable this year for 2020 and I hope you enjoyed this look and especially the showcase of these beautiful clutch. Stay tuned whilst I showcase the next clutch from Heritage Refashioned in my next outfit post.

Meanwhile, have a great start of the year and see you soon!

Simone xoxo